Young Thug’s Attorney Files Motion To Remove Judge & Seeks Mistrial Over Alleged “Bias” 

Young Thug

Young Thug’s attorney raised concerns over bias and is seeking to have the judge removed and the case ruled a mistrial. 

Young Thug’s attorney is seeking to remove the judge in the latest turn in the YSL RICO case. 

On Monday (June 17), Thugger’s attorney, Brian Steel, filed a motion to recuse Judge Ural Glanville, per Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In addition, he also filed a motion for a mistrial, “goaded by the improper conduct committed in concert by the court and prosecution.” 

Steel also points to “numerous instances during trial when the judge’s behavior appears to have been biased against Mr. Williams’ counsel and partial in favor of the State.” 

The “improper conduct” alleged in the motion stems from Judge Glanville’s meeting with the prosecution and witness Kenneth “Lil Woody” Copeland. Steel was taken into custody for refusing to disclose the source who informed him about the meeting. Glanville held Steel in contempt and ordered him to serve 20 days in jail.  

Copeland had initially refused to testify and spent the weekend in jail. However, he took the stand on Monday (June 10), albeit as a reluctant witness.  

Steel claimed the judge “assisted the State to influence a witness to testify” against Young Thug. “These actions certainly raised reasonable questions concerning the judge’s partiality and bias.” 

In his motion, Steele accused the court and the prosecutors of “working together,” “to gain an unlawful advantage over Mr. Williams.” He added, “The court has unlawfully become the prosecutor, Judge-Grand Jury,’ biased, partial, potential sentencer and thus, must be removed.”