Y&R Mookey Convicted Of Firearms Possession Over Gun In Music Video

Y&R Mookey

A jury found Y&R Mookey guilty of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in a trial where prosecutors used a music video as evidence.

Jacksonville rapper Y&R Mookey was found guilty of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

A jury convicted Y&R Mookey in a trial where prosecutors used a music video as evidence against him. The 22-year-old rapper was shown holding a modified AK-47, but his attorney said it was a prop.

Y&R Mookey, whose real name is Tyler Jackson, was arrested as part of an investigation called “Operation Rap Up” in 2019. Jacksonville police targeted convicted felons who were seen holding guns in music videos or social media posts.

“We all know social media influences society in many ways,” Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said in 2019. “Most of them are positive. But unfortunately, these same advancements in technology also provide the criminal element with a new platform to promote their trade in the street culture market.”

Williams added, “These videos typically glorify drug use. They celebrate violence and are often used to intimidate or threaten rival groups or gangs.”

Beyond the firearms conviction, Y&R Mookey’s gained attention on social media when rumors claimed fellow rapper SpotemGottem snitched on him. SpotemGottem denied the allegations in a recent interview with 99Jamz in Miami.

“I guess the police put whatever the allegations they put, but me and Mookey, we cool,” he said. “That’s my brother. He already know. That s### there, I don’t know how that got on the internet. Police put that s### out. Them charges been dropped and we both went to jail for 21 days for it and got out. It was nothing after that.”

Listen to what SpotemGottem had to say about Y&R Mookey below.

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