Yukmouth Talks Tupac's Impact On Hip Hop; Says Pac Influenced Biggie's Style


(AllHipHop News) Oakland emcee Yukmouth has been in the Hip Hop game for two decades so the Rap-A-Lot affiliate has plenty of knowledge about the culture. Yuk did an interview recently and he took time to speak about the late icon Tupac Shakur.

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Yuk first offered extreme high praise for Pac calling him the “Michael Jackson of rap.” He then began to list the ways Shakur influenced him and other Hip Hop artists.

“He gave us the blueprint on how to not only get money from this rap s**t, but get money as an actor, get money as a director, get money as a producer… just how to really finesse the whole game instead of just one lane,” said Yukmouth. “And his style that he brought. He was the first n***a wearing Versace. Shout out to Biggie, but Biggie was rocking Coogi sweaters. I was on tour with Biggie. When Pac came out rocking Versace, everybody started rocking Versace.”

The Luniz member also highlights Pac being “real.” Yuk mentioned how the West Coast legend shot at two off duty police officers in Atlanta and got into an altercation with directors the Hughes Brother over the film Menace II Society.

“He was really with the s**t. He wasn’t just acting. That’s what made Pac who he was,” added Yuk. “A lot n***as just rap to rap. They really don’t live that s**t. Pac was really with the s**t. Period. That’s the difference between Pac and these other n***as”

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Listen to Yukmouth’s interview below.