Signs: Man Eaten By Bedbugs In Jail; Attorney Ben Crump Gets On The Case

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Lashawn Thompson lived in a “torture chamber” for a short period of time, until he died on the state of Georgia’s watch. Another Sign The World Is Coming To An End.

This is crazy. I cannot believe we are in a civilized society that still, somehow, allows for people to be eaten alive in jail. But this, sadly, is where we are.

Lashawn Thompson is the individual who tragically passed away while in custody at a county jail in Georgia last year. For me, this is a relatively new story. But, we are getting more and more details as the press and whatnot are digging deeper. We are seeing now that this poor man endured living conditions that resembled a “torture chamber.” The system denied him any sort of care that neglected of both his mental and physical health.

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During a press conference held on Monday, the family’s attorneys disclosed the findings of an independent medical review, which determined Thompson’s death at Fulton County Jail in September 2022 to be a homicide. Murder. The review uncovered the absence of medication in Thompson’s system, indicating that his “severe mental illness” had been left untreated leading up to his demise, as stated by Attorney Ben Crump. Crump further emphasized that this neglect constituted criminal negligence, asserting that Thompson, aged 35, was held in the psychiatric wing of the jail due to his mental health challenges. He had been incarcerated for a mere three months before passing away.

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At first, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office initially classified Thompson’s manner and cause of death as undetermined. That would soon change, thanks to the justice warriors that did not let this get swept under the racist rug. This new report said that Thompson suffered from schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and acute exacerbation (where the mental situation gets dramatically worse). Howard University came through for our dear brother. Howard’s Dr. Roger Mitchell Jr., a board-certified forensic pathologist and chair of pathology at HU did the most recent review.

Without going through the mess and details, Lashawn was left for dead even when he was alive. “Mr. Lashawn Thompson died due to severe neglect.” There was dehydration, rapid weight loss, malnutrition, and untreated schizophrenia… all preventable!

Thompson’s family wants a criminal investigation into their loved one’s death and has also called for the closure of the jail. So far, the “warden” of Fulton County Jail and two of his assistants have resigned. We do not know the names. They have put $500,000 to get rid of the freaking bed bugs, lice, and vermin that ate this poor man. 600 inmates have been moved to other facilities. Run the family their coins. But wouldn’t it be better to just not be racist trash?