28-Year Old Teacher Sends Nudes To 16-Year Old Middle School Student

Ivy Reneau Illseed

Ivy Reneau has upset @Illseed! The teacher decided to send nudes to a 16-year old boy! And now she’s facing felony charges. Read up!


A 28 year old teacher from Midwest, Oklahoma is under investigation, because authorities say she sent naked pictures and an inappropriate video to a 16-year old student. This woman works at Midwest city Middle School first of all, I have to say it: What 16-year-old goes to middle school?

Moving on.

Court documents revealed that this woman, named Ivy Reneau, met the kid at a soccer practice and “heard rumors that he liked her.“ This teacher then added the boy on Snapchat. Now you already know this is going to go all the way left.

Things went completely awry when a faculty member at the school heard the team telling friends that he had been sent naked pictures by a teacher. The teacher then reported all of this to school administration.

The boy was privy to the Ivy Reneau’s breasts, and another picture of her posing in front of a mirror sideways with no clothes on. Also, there was an inappropriate video. I am not sure what inappropriate means, but I think her hoohah might be involved.


When police interrogated the teacher, Reneau told them she knew it was wrong but she thought the boy was 18-years old. This leads me to be believe this person had to be in high school and she is a predator. She said she did not have any sort of physical relationship with the kid.

At the time of this writing, the likely soon-to-be former teacher had not been taken into custody and had not been arrested but she does face a felony charge of using technology to engage in communication for sexual or prurient interest with a minor. She has yet to declare her innocence or guilt.

Midwest City School District issued a statement according to People

“District officials were notified of an alleged relationship between a Mid-Del staff member and a student,” the statement reads. “We reported the information to law enforcement so that they could begin an investigation. The staff member is no longer employed by Mid-Del Schools, and we have worked closely with the family of the student in the wake of this accusation. We will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities.”

So here’s my take. People are going crazy. Teachers are going crazy. And this 28-year-old teacher is simply a product of a sick, degenerate society that we have grown. The soil is extremely fertile! If you look at it, she’s relatively young. So, her brain is as warped as a teenager in a lot of different ways, because she has grown up in this age of technology and oversharing.

I am in no way trying to say that she is innocent. She is a grown woman that is contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The boys jibber jabber probably saved her from some serious, serious punishment legally because I think she would’ve gone through with it had she been given the opportunity. She’s a cougar already!

And I don’t wanna hear about boys wanting this type of behavior infringed on them! This boy is a 16-year-old in middle school! He needs all the help he can get!

Ivy Reneau is now known as Black Ivy.