A New Dr. Dre Album On The Way?

New Dr. Dre Album!?

LISTEN UP: Dr. Dre Drops A New Song With Kendrick!

So…is the prophesy going to come true? A few weeks or months ago, we speculated from sources that Dr. Dre was going to drop a new album in 2015. The album wouldn’t be Detox in name, but it would be Detox. The rumor continued that Dre would drop said unnamed album during the promotion for the “Straight Outta Compton” movie and it could possibly be a soundtrack. With this release of this song, “Nite,” it seems unlikely that it is somehow related to one of the hardest albums ever created, but you never know. I read some of the comments in the community section – read those here – and they are not kind. I’m wondering if this is going to fly in 2015. Without question, Dr. Dre is one of the finest talents to ever come out of Hip-Hop and from a business perspective, one of the wealthiest. I hope is happens!

Oh and did you hear the new Eminem song?