Adam22’s Problematic Past Emerges In Racist, P###, & R#### Tweets


Adam22 has said some terrible things in the past, but I seems like it won’t affect his career at all!

Adam22 has been one of the more interesting characters to emerge in the podcast her world. He, like others, have gotten exclusive interviews and created a career around interviewing polarizing figures. Apparently, Adam22 is from New Hampshire but made his bones as a shock tweeter – as his career blossomed – that said some pretty shocking things in the past. Now, that past has been unearthed to expose that he has said some pretty racy things. But “racy things” do not begin to encapsulate the disgusting things he’s put out there.

To put it bluntly, he has says said some racist things, some sexist things and that is STILL the tip of the iceberg. He has advocated for sex with underage girls and kids, he has suggested he would prefer to sexually harass women than actually have sex with them. And, moreover, he’s been accused of actually raping someone. Read about that here! So, what is this dude doing in the culture of Hip-Hop? I don’t know! We are not about that!

Here are some tweets.

Here are some of the other ones, but written out:

“My advice to any young girl out there: Sleep with much, much older men.”

“Getting raped is just a part of growing up. “

“So you you’re saying you wouldn’t suck a 11-year-old d#ck?

“I think @TheGabebrooks is a case study in what happens when you combine BMX extreme athleticism and negro genetics.”

“Hanging out with my ni##as, my ni##as.”

In a recent Clubhouse chat, Wack 100 talked about the old tweets and some of the new things as well. These tweets were 10-11 ago. So it’s not like he was a child or something. He was a grown man in his mid to late 20s. So, I am assuming right now he is in his mid to late 30s. He has been able to make his bones within the culture of Hip-Hop more so than anything else that he’s accomplished, even though his podcast is not limited to Hip-Hop.

Check out this conversation that Wack 100 had with a bunch of people. By the way, Wack was playing a little aloof with some of the comments and left it to others to say it was weird or disturbing. He was on the show at one point himself so maybe he want to do that again.

For the record, this is not new, per se. I just didn’t hear about it. So, Adam22 has already responded – in 2018.

“Here’s what happened, I made a bunch of offensive tweets 10 years ago when the Internet was a very different place and nobody knew who I was,” he wrote. “I’m not racist, and I never hooked up with anyone who wasn’t of age. Sorry to anyone who got offended. I still love you … Well, I guess this is my first week being canceled. What should I do with myself?”


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On the serious tip, this ain’t gonna mess up his money at all.