Another Rapper Goes To Love & Hip-Hop – Kinda!

Love & Hip-Hop has birthed a number of super stars, but is there a new OG joining their ranks?

When you think about Hip-Hop, love is not the first think that comes to mind. However, these days, we tend to think about it in terms of reality TV, That said, they have maligned the art in a great many ways by degrading the true nature of rap music.

Earlier this week, Hakim Green, famed rapper from Channel Live, startled fans on social media when he said he and his wife were going to be the next couple on “Love & Hip-Hop.” Suddenly, his following started to ask questions and inquire. Some where even happy for the doting couple.

It was all a dream!

Hak did a June’s Fool joke on people. He soon revealed that he had a new song called “Love N Hip-Hop.” You may remember that Channel Live scored a hit with KRS-1 back in the day. It was called “Mad Izm.” These days Mr. Green is a solo artist and plays KRS’s wing man from time to time. He hit us with a statement on the new song.

The latest single from HAKIM GREEN’s “NAH MEAN” EP, “Love N Hip Hop,” is a social commentary critique of the current state of affairs. Hakim takes a look at what’s happening in pop culture today and questions the influence from our chosen “thought leaders” and “gate keepers.” Is it “Love N Hip Hip or Just Pimps N Hoes?” That is the question!– “Love N Hip Hop” is produced by Big French with video direction by Nyceflix and is available on all digital streaming platforms.

So, he flipped it and then ripped it.

Check the song and let us know what you think in the comments.