Are Jay Z & Beyonce In Disagreement Over What To Do With Their LA Mansion?


Rumor has it that Jay Z and Beyonce have been fighting over their Bel Air mansion. In Oct Bey-Z moved into a $150K a month 20,000 square foot rental mansion in the affluent Bel Air neighborhood. Radar Online reports almost immediately after the couple moved in, they were said to be having blowout fights and sleeping in separate bedrooms. Radar Online also says that now six months into their stay they aren’t in agreement with what to do with the house. Allegedly Bey no longer wants to spend that much money a month if they aren’t going to be staying there especially with her being on her Formation Tour all summer. Apparently Bey wants Jay Z to drop everything and go on tour with her, and Jay doesn’t want to move out of the mansion and go anywhere until their contract is up. Maybe they figured out some sort of compromise. We do know that Jay is on that tour though! People have been going even harder with the assumptions that the couple may be having marriage problems after the release of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ album and HBO special. They may not be having problems at all; they may just be marketing geniuses.