Are Young Thug’s YSL And YFN Lucci’s Crew Warring In Jail?

YFN Lucci and Young Thug

The YSL crew and the YFN gang are reportedly at war in the state of Georgia. But this is alleged torture!

Fulton County in Georgia is reportedly on FIRE with violence! A new video in circulation allegedly shows a member of YFN (YFN Lucci’s Gang) beating the breaks off of a member of Young Thug’s YSL Gang!


How? I do not know but the video is very disturbing. It depicts a man hogtied with a white washcloth or something in his mouth. He cannot talk. But, this is not just “some guy.” This dude has a YLS tat on his arm and other man berates him for it. The predator takes a knife and scrapes away at a tat that represents YSL! Do you know how much that hurts? You cannot get rid of tattoos like that, can you?

Well, this tormentor tried!!

This video has started a storm of controversy! Apparently, this man was in “custody,” but somehow was handed over to his opps. It was at that time he was tortured. People are upset and want to know how this could be happening to people. There should be some sort of guard nearby. Something!

It seems like these squads are going to be at war forever.