ASAP Mob Reunites! Diddy’s New Love!? Nicki’s Sister!

A$AP Rocky

Here are a few rumors that are floating out in the internet.

I thought ASAP mob was over with! The mob was in serious jeopardy in recent months, plagued by in-fighting and jealousy. But it appears like the crew is back together and stronger than ever. I am not sure what that means but that’s what it looks like! Now with ASAP Rocky is out here dating Rihanna, we can only assume that his lifestyle is not gonna match up with some of the other members of the group! But, I don’t think that ASAP rocky has been hitting hard way On the Rap side anyway. So this could be a good thing for all parties! I think New York really needs these guys right now. I know that may sound strange but they are right between drill music in Brooklyn and Dipset. This could be a momentous moment that brings New York full circle in the new era.

Nicki Minaj Has A Sister?

I had no idea that Nicki Nice had a sister, much less a younger one! And, it happens to be her birthday as well. I got no more to say, but for some reason, this is cool.

Diddy’s New Boo?

Diddy has a new boo in Miracle Watts? I have only heard the name Miracle Watts in rap songs, but I have never quite looked into who she was. I have seen her listed as a thot, but she defines herself as a philanthropist. Anyway, I realize she has probably been in the rumors before. Nevertheless, it seems like she and Diddy are dating. They have spent several key days together, including New Years. By the way, no masks in sight! They close close!