Is There A Rapper In Atlanta Snitching To The D.A. On Other Rappers?


Is there a well-known rapper snitching to the D.A. in Atlanta and causing the rap scene to be targeted by prosecutors?

According to sources, a rapper is snitching on other rappers. 

This all comes from the recent revelation that the District Attorney of Fulton County is about to prosecute two more well-known rap artists from Atlanta. 

This we knew. But what is now emerging is that an actual rapper is telling on the other rappers, presumably because they are criminals and gang affiliated.

On another level, it seems like they are talking because it is putting a stain on the fine city of Atlanta. 

Recently, we’ve seen so many horrible acts of violence and criminality come out of Atlanta. I would assume that many residents need it, if you will, and feel strongly that this is not the image of the city that they want to portray. 

Now, the question is, who? 

Me? I have no idea who would do such a thing. 

I certainly don’t think it would be anybody notable, but you never know. Without naming names, certain relatively well-known and well-respected artists have talked about out-of-towners messing up Atlanta.

Nevertheless, I can’t fathom any of them doing this. 

There are a couple of rappers who are not even street related that might resort to such things. 

But then, the question is, how would they even know? They’re not in that life, and they don’t have that Intel to even start being a credible witness. 

This might be some garbage from the Internet. And yet, reality has proven time and time again to be a stranger than fiction.