The Big Artist The Atlanta DA May Want Next!

Lil Durk

Could Lil Durk be one of the rappers the Fulton Country DA plans to pursue legally? The rumors are super hot right now. Read up!

The Big Artist The Atlanta DA May Want Next! There are a number of artists that are on the ALLEGED hot list as it relates to the Fulton County district attorney. Fani Willis! Right now, we don’t have any official word on who she intends to prosecute and subsequently slapped with the Rico charges. However, we are slowly but surely beginning to formulate some rumors around who the suspect may be.

You better believe these digital streets are talking around this issue. Right now, it seems like Lil Durk may be at the forefront of the prosecution efforts. You may remember a few years ago he was nearby when there was a shoot out in a diner. That case never resolved itself publicly. In fact, we just don’t know what happened with it. For something like that to just disappear, it seems awfully strange.

Remember, Rico removes a lot of the direct links and allows for more indirect links. It started because they could not get to mob bosses. So, they got snitches and made a case based on a lot of speculation. That is why they are going so hard with lyrics of rap artists now. Anyway, remember King Von, Lil Durk’s most famous associate, was killed in a violent fight in Atlanta. And then, last year there was a case where an associate of Durk was wanted too…click the link for that.

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All of this does lend itself to the district attorneys strategy for prosecuting these artists. I believe she and the authorities allow them to go wild and somewhat unchecked so that they can build a strong case and put them in the jail with maximum penalties. I know this seems strange, but to me it makes perfect sense it’s like prosecuting someone for jaywalking when you know they are going to rob a bank in a couple of days. Obviously, they don’t know anything but they probably suspect something or have sufficient data to do what they do. This feels like the feds, but it’s not.

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Anyway, Durk has been pretty clean as of late. He’s engaged. He’s Muslim. He’s doing fashion. He may have nothing to worry about. It may be this is just a rumor, because he deleted his Instagram suddenly. We all thought that was linked to that alleged beat down he didn’t receive attic casino. But maybe he is doing his best to get ahead of the nonsense, or the reality that something may be down the line.

This game of cat and mouse has got to be exhausting. Now, there are others that are on the hot list, but I am going to hold off and not mention him right now. First of all it’s all speculation. Second of all, we’re going to let this cook a little bit, like slow cooker!

By the way, deleting IG…does nothing at all. They already got it.