Azealia Banks Is Boiling Cats And Going Bankrupt, Reports Say

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is not about to let 2021 be a wild year and not have some role in it! Bankruptcy & Boiling Cats!

It looks like Azealia Banks has gone bankrupt. The one time promising prospect of Hip-Hop, has turned into social media sensation. I don’t know where people get their money from, or how they pay their bills, but numerous reports are suggesting there the New York-born rapper isn’t doing any of that.

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So here’s the scoop. Previously, Azealia Banks had a pricey home that went into foreclosure. And that home with subsequently put on the market. Initially it was just reported that the rapper SIMPLY could not pay THIS bill anymore and therefore gave up the home instead of paying another mortgage. But, as the house has sold, it is being reported through a real estate company, that it was sold due to bankruptcy. That’s a little bit of a different distinction. Foreclosure, means you don’t have the money to pay for A HOUSE, but bankruptcy means the institution she owes money to liquidated her stuff. Or took it. Either way, it’s on the market.

Sometimes they will allow you to create a repayment schedule instead of just not paying at all, but typically when you’re dealing with these types of assets it just means you’re not paying anything. And you start over, creating a new life of good credit overtime.

Now I am not sure what is up with Azealia Banks in her life these days but the word is she moved down to Miami to start over again. I think that’s a good idea because Banks wasn’t doing great wherever she was before.

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Uh, there are other reports saying the Azealia was boiling a cat…live for people to see. She allegedly dug up her cat – appropriately named Lucifer – and boiled it. Some reports say she ATE IT, which she denied. WHAT? Is this a desperate plea for attention? Or is she insane? OR BOTH!?

She explained:

“Why do you think I would eat a dead cat when I can barely eat a dead cow.  It’s called taxidermy… Plenty of hunters with preserved deer heads hanging off their wall. Darlings… You guys are being racist and this is very un-black lives matter of you all. The cats head is soaking in peroxide to fully clean him, then I’m taking him to a jewelry shop to have it gilded. Lucifer was an icon. He deserves to be preserved.

A lot of you guys don’t know, Lucifer the cat died three months ago, and we had to put him in the ground, and we’re digging him up for the very first time.”


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If I sound bitter, it’s probably because I am! I have been on the receiving end of her venom in the past and it wasn’t pleasant at all! We don’t do things here for bad intentions though, we more or less report the news.

Good luck to Banksy!