Benny The Butcher Is Looking To Go To The Next Level!

Will Benny The Butcher Rise To The Top AND Keep The Fanbase?

I don’t think Benny The Butcher is playing any games! Benny, known for his gutter cocaine-laced street raps is now taking a different approach! We are used to hearing him on Alchemist or Daringer beats, but that is not what he’s doing right now. We saw him do an album with Hitboy, and now he’s with Hitmaka, formally known as Yung Berg, has had a whole rebrand.

You remember when Detroit took his Transformer chain and it went around the whole city?

And when you talk about re-brand, Benny The Butcher is one that has come along way. I remember when he was in an overall with blood on it in a butcher shop. Those days are long gone. He is now a certified star in the world of Hip-Hop. AND Hitmaka is one of the top producers! So what does a star do, he does bigger, better moves. I think he is looking at Jay-Z, Nas and other rappers that came from the mud and saw how they made an obvious pivot to get on that larger scale. Griselda it’s still a relative underground movement even though their accolades are far and wide. Their influence, is also extremely wide-reaching. However, that does not mean that they don’t wanna grow it even more. As I “the Butcher coming,” it seems like he’s stepping a bit away from the Griselda Records movement, and into his own brand and space.

Benny The Butcher Talks Having Unreleased Tracks With Nas & Drake

I recently watched a mini documentary on him and Griselda was barely mentioned. It did not seem like there was any beef, but it was noticeable. By the way, remember when we thought they had beef, particularly Benny and Conway? Well, I am being told that that situation has resolved itself and it was nothing serious at all. They believe each other to be brothers. The documentary I saw though did in fact give insight on Benny’s relationship with the team and that he’s Griselda’s artist, but not a relative or anything like that. I thought he was a cousin to them, but he isn’t. Anyway, moving along Benny just released Plugs I Met II, and I still have to check it out but this is a hard pivot from the street grime that he is known for. Do you think that this is going to work out for him or do you think that he is going to lose some of his base?