Biz Markie’s Ex-Business Partner / Manager Was a DEA Plant!

Biz Markie

Biz Markie’s former manager / business partner, Lamont Wanzer, is a whole wire-wearing D.E.A. rat. It’s certain, the Hip-Hop police are here!

The Hip-Hop police are real. Just look at the case of Biz Markie. His former business partner / manager — Lamont Wanzer — would work as a whole informant for the Drug Enforcement Agency, this according to the Baltimore Sun.

Listen, Lamont, better known as Monte has a questionable character. As opposed, to being implicitly responsible for his actions, he decided to cut a deal and work with the Law. Check the paperwork.

Thus, a match made in Hell arose. No, the po-po didn’t actually specifically mention his full legal name. Rather, the transcription shows that both “Monte,” and “BizMont” were the aliases used.

According to a lengthy document, which contains over 80 pages, Wanzer could not wait to start working with Johnny Law. A warrant shows it all. A connection was made. Richard Byrd, a shrewd pharmaceutical salesman, and attorney Kenneth Ravenell, were shown to share ties with Wanzer.

For several years, Wanzer and Byrd successfully ran a marketing firm. This served as the front to launder the illicit tax-free earnings of Mr. Byrd. It must be noted that Biz Markie never came under any undue scrutiny.

Furthermore, Biz was never implicated in any illegal activity. Nor, did he have any ties with that federal agency. Back in 2014 Lamont passed away.

Regardless of these unfortunate findings, Biz Markie is an unblemished Hip-Hop icon! Rest in power.