Blac Youngsta “I’m Assuming” Allegedly New Young Dolph Diss

It looks like Blac Youngsta wants all the smoke. In “I’m Assuming,” he boasts about “smoking opps straght out the pound…”

If nothing else, Blac Youngsta remains consistent. The C.M.G. affiliate is still showing a great disdain for the late Young Dolph. Yesterday (on Dec. 20), Blac drops a grave video. Then he goes on to allegedly aim a new diss track at Adolph “Young Dolph” Thornton, Jr.

First off, it’s no secret that there’s been entrenched animosity between Dolph and the “Anythang” rapper. Similarly, just last weekend, the Heavy Camp jefe acted a complete donkey. While in Dallas, during a performance he pauses to spark an unspecified loud pack.

Next, he stupefies the audience. As he starts to spit the notorious, “Shake Sum” diss record the spectators are speechless. So now, is a calculating Youngsta merely building on this controversy?

In addition to these insolent actions, the “Truth Be Told” rhymer drops the ultimate diss. This contemptuous behavior is allegedly squarely aiming at Young Dolph. Less than two months ago, the King of Memphis was murdered. However, Blac continues to express a callous level of disrespect towards him.

Therefore, “Im Assuming” is clear with its intent. Truly, it is working to amplify the “Birthplace” rapper’s one-sided beef. Yesterday (on Dec. 20), the ostentatious behavior reaches a depraved depth of disrespect. Dolph’s last name, “Thornton” is prominently appears in the video.

Perhaps, Blac Youngsta is merely looking to transform controversy into coins. He raps, “Murder what she wrote / you play with me you get murdered again / I dig your ass up and show your friend / I’m some evil twin.” Finally, he proceeds to add, “Heart-broken, some n##### done crossed me out / they want to see me down / I’m vicious, I’m smoking on my opps straight out the pound…”

Press play.