BlocBoy JB Posts About Suicide, Depression, And Wanting To Die

BlocBoy JB

Give a little prayer for BlocBoy JB even though he seems to have seized control over his bout with depression and suicide.

Prayers! Prayers! Prayers!

So many young people in Hip-Hop are in pain. Rappers are no longer super heroes and larger-than-life. They are human af. They are getting shot, overdosing, and suffering from mental health issues. Well, it seems like BlocBoy JB is the latest victim of the scourge of the community. He said he wants to die and go home to Jesus! Drake, help this man! That is how I knew who he was.

All of that is pointless now. BlocBoy JB said numerous things that got people worried about his health. He said, “[I] Wake Up Wanting To Live Go To Sleep Wanting To Die. Goin Thru Depression Is Alot.” He followed with that saying, “Jesus Please Take Da Wheel I’m Ready.”

Sources nearby said that BlocBoy is in a better space today, but I hope he goes on and gets help. Depression can slap you upside the head at any time!

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