RIP Pop Smoke: Blueface Tells New York Rappers To Check In!

Blueface makes some serious sense in the death of Pop Smoke.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I have never been the sort of dude that agrees with a dude like Blueface. However, I was today years old when I discovered that I agreed with Blueface on something. The tragic death of Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke shocked us all to hell. And we mourned very loudly. There was a lot of talk about haters and jealousy and getting out of the hood. Suddenly, somebody speaks the real truth.

Are you young bucks familiar with “checking in”? Ther phrase generally has a negative connotation. It typically means you pay somebody in another city to make sure nobody messes with you when you come to their hood. I think it is also a sign of respecting the “natives” and people of that place rather than coming in, making money and leaving. 

Well, something happened with Pop Smoke. Four men ran into a house in the Hollywood Hills house and murdered the rapper. The homie Blueface said the following on his IG stories:

“People think Cali/LA is beautiful sunny palm trees. nyggas die here every single day I recommend artists coming this way get in touch with the right natives just to keep you up on speed soon as you relax an think it’s cool this way that’s when they strike.”

“A young immature dumb nygga might take what I said as ‘checking in’ and if you do tappin wit a nygga that shows any sign of power or misconception cuz you hit him when you in the land then that is the WRONG native.”

I see no lies at all. It may even be called “hood courtesy.” 

By the way, he also said “RIP POP SMOKE” so he was not being disrespectful.