You Good, Fam? Lil Nas X Trolls Boosie, Boosie Goes Nuclear — And It’s Not Cute At All

Lil Nas X

Somebody get Boosie some chamomile & a massage. He needs it.

Lil Nas X trolled Boosie earlier today — and Boosie, in his typical unhinged fashion, went on a Twitter rampage.

TMZ is reporting that the “Montero” rapper — who seems to live to troll others — got on Instagram Live to claim he had a collaboration with the Louisiana native coming out soon.

And the response was way over the top, to say the least.

“The Louisiana rapper unloaded on LNX Saturday with an expletive-laden diatribe that’s shocking — calling Nas X the f-slur, among other things … while also telling the ‘Montero’ artist that he should kill himself,” reports TMZ.

Boosie 1
Boosie 2

To say that Boosie’s response was over-the-top would be the height of understatement. To say that his response was homophobic, horrific, and just plain disgusting would also be the height of understatement.

The only appropriate response to this would be what it has become: there’s absolutely no reason for any of this. It’s not cute. It’s not appropriate. And it’s nowhere near funny. All this proves is that Lil Nas X lives rent-free in Boosie’s head — to the point that he literally cannot go a day without tweeting about him.

Think about it: can you name a Boosie song off the top of your head? No, you probably can’t. You know why? Because he’s in the news more for his stupid behavior than he is for any music he’ll ever record. And that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

But this isn’t just “stupid behavior.” This is indicative of a severe, deep-seated issue. Someone please get Boosie some chamomile & a massage. Or psychotherapy. Or some Xanax. Something. He desperately needs it.