Ceasar Of Black Ink Says Dog Attacked Him, But Has Made Changes!

Ceaser Emanuel - Black Ink Crew

Caesar Of Black Ink says he is not a dog abuser and hopes people can see that he has made extensive changes so he does not lose it on a canine again!

If you were looking at headlines, and not the landmark decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, you might’ve noticed that Caesar  from Black Ink crew was unceremoniously kicked off by VH1. The network received a disturbing video of the reality TV star allegedly abusing a dog. Well, that was all they needed to see. They then decided it was time to get rid of this guy and move on with the show series.

There is so many infractions in reality TV, I didn’t know that such a thing existed – going too far. You know, a reason to get kicked off. Well, he claims that this was all one big set up and that it worked. There is apparently some context to the situation that is not public. Basically, he was trying to do something with the dog and part of it dealt with him defending himself. But, the optics do not tell enough of a story to exonerate him completely. So, it looks like he’s out of there.

What next? I’m not sure, but like I said there is a set up component to this. It looks like his ex took a two years old video and made it current in order to get him booted from the highly successful reality show series. VH1 seems to dislike us Blacks. T.I.’s show was cancelled and the reason for the suspension in the first place was wrong. But that’s another story.

The source close to the matter revealed some insight on where he may be with it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like much will change even though Caesar’s intent was not purely evil the way it was portrayed in the media.

They told us, “Ceaser is extremely apologetic for his actions and loss control of his temper after dog attacked him. He feels really bad for how he handled everything he did. The dogs are safe and healthy. He also took dog training following the incident 2years ago to better discipline his dogs.”

What do you think about this?