Modern-Day Minstrel Show Candace Owens Says She Was ‘Denied’ a COVID Test

Candace Owens

Candace Owens continues to be an embarrassment to herself and everyone else as she makes her latest claims about the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2007, Candace Owens enlisted the NAACP to help her win a racial discrimination suit against Stamford Public Schools. The organization helped her recover more than $35,000 after two white men — one of whom was reportedly the son of then-Mayor Daniel Malloy — harassed her and threatened to kill her.

Since that time, Owens has conveniently forgotten how Democrat-backed programs have helped her out of bad situations, choosing to promote GOP disinformation for monetary gain, as this brilliant receipts-filled exposé from News One demonstrates. We can only hope that the money she received is worth the price of the soul she sold.

Today, Candace Owens — who recently backed out of a speaking engagement while claiming she was “sick” (only to later reveal that she was “on a mountain in Aspen” on vacation, thus providing receipts for breach of contract) — claims that she was denied a COVID test because she’s a conservative.

We’re not sure why Owens so desperately needs a COVID test, especially since she claims that the virus itself — and the whole pandemic itself — is a hoax, but whatever, girl, do you, we guess.

It also bears noting that Candace Owens usually drops some project or another right after she makes such ridiculous proclamations, because nothing says “America” quite like outrage dollars. And who better to spend it than the MAGA crowd, who make far less than their non-Trump supporting counterparts (almost to the point of poverty), and believe ridiculous conspiracy theories?

Get money, sis.