Cardi B Blasts Tasha K’s Alleged Infidelity Rumors About Offset

Cardi B

A response is only right.

Tasha K recently dropped some explosive videos. The salacious flicks make some staggering allegations, which relate to Offset’s alleged cheating. In turn, Cardi B blasted Tasha K’s alleged infidelity rumors about her hubby.

Perhaps a multi-million dollar beef is what’s motivating the gossip blogger. Whatever the case may be, Tasha K continuously spills the tea. As it pertains the Bronx-bred rapper, the tea is proving to be expensive. However, the mess is still on the menu.

Whether contributing to rap or addressing social issues, Cardi B usually speaks her mind. This case is no different.

“I’m that type of b#### that a n####’s gonna cuff,” she said via her Twitter Spaces diatribe. “I don’t go outside like. So when I do be outside, their voices start trembling. They be like, ‘H-H-H-H-Hi Cardi.'”

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Clearly confident in her appearance, Cardi B continued, “They be nervous because they know I’m a bad b####.” Next, Cardi B discussed what a divorced future may look like before asking a simple yet poignant question.

“What do y’all be trying to accomplish when y’all be bringing my n#### up?” she concluded. “Like, what is it?” Just press play on the clip above.