Tasha K Slams Cardi B, Exposes Offset’s Alleged Mistress

Tasha K and Cardi B

The feud is heating up!

Tasha K is standing strong. While again slamming Cardi B, she exposed videos of Offset’s alleged mistress. In addition to blasting the rap couple’s marriage, Tasha K is adding even more insult to injury. Last week, she spoke on Takeoff. Of course, that elicited a contentious response from Cardi B.

Now, the colorful commentator is making another, even more salacious allegation by releasing a couple of videos. Within these flicks, a woman details her alleged and illicit encounters with the Migos rapper.

The media personality is admittedly having trouble paying the $4 million defamation judgment she owes Cardi B. However, she’s not having any issues continuing to report on Bardi’s so-called life. The YouTuber served a follow-up video where the alleged side chick brings up many things. Among the most surprising is the couple’s daughter, Kulture.

By all means, the purported receipts are up front and center. The woman details the alleged indiscretions via social media. According to her, she has “known Offset since 2013 up until last year and this is at their home in Vineland in Hollywood,” the candid Twitter caption read. “She says that’s her daughter’s bed she is sitting on and in the camera. She is with #SugeKnight now.”

Let’s keep things clear, this woman claimed to have been in Cardi B’s California crib. She suggested her alleged affair with Offset started 10 years ago. Finally, she was comfortable. So, comfy that she captures footage while allegedly sitting on Kulture’s bed—interesting.

Overall, Tasha K continues to focus on her passion of serving unfiltered news reports. Hopefully, she’s able to keep that wine out of a brown paper sack. Shout out to one’s resourcefulness and attempts to bounce back.