Cardi B Has New Suitor In Charleston White: “We Can Do A Metaverse Date”

Cardi B

The metaverse dating scene has never been this popping!

Charleston White and Cardi B could be linking up in the metaverse soon should the recently single “WAP” lyricst accept the embattled comedian’s latest advance.

Following Cardi B and Offset’s purported split, White saw the opportunity to express his desire to get to know the New York native. White, who was recently jumped at his own comedy show, shamelessly took to Instagram to ask Cardi out on a date in a surprisingly tender video.

“I f###k with the Migos,” he began. “But I sure would like to go on a date with Cardi B… She’s fair game now.”

White continued, seemingly petitioning Cardi to add the element of tech into the date to spice things up. “Why shouldn’t I go on a date with Cardi B? Cardi B can I take you out? Listen, we can do a metaverse date. You go to a restaurant, I go to a restaurant.”

As White continued, he appeared to speak to Cardi’s sapiosexual side as he added, “I used to want 12 gold teeth for Christmas. I don’t want 12 gold teeth no more. I want a three-hour conversation with Cardi B.”

Mark Zuckerberg might want to play matchmaker on this one and make this happen—for the sake of the future of dating in the metaverse may depend on it.

Check out the video below.

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