Casanova Is On Suicide Watch


Casanova is not in a great space. The rapper stares at 60 years in jail and is now on suicide watch.

I am not sure what I feel for Casanova 2x. This dude had so much potential. He was THERE. He had a great rap style and he put it down for Brooklyn in a way that worked for new and older generations. But, as was the case, he was too real for his own good. He was too real, even if he didn’t do what he’s pleaded guilty to.

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Anyway, we already saw this coming. Cas could only take so much. We saw the cracks in the armor. Facing 60 years, he folded up:

Casanova admitted that he was the triggerman in a July 5th, 2020, shooting at a party in Florida with other gang members. The rapper shot a man over a gambling dispute.

The rap star also admitted to an August 5th, 2018, robbery in Manhattan that caused a woman serious bodily injury while she was being restrained. 

He steadfastly maintained he was innocence, but…those odds were stacked so far against him. I can’t imagine going to jail for 60 years. So, you know trial and fighting was not an option.

I am hoping he is not going to kill himself.

But that is what they are saying

On at the stand, Cas said: “They put me on suicide watch a couple of days ago” and that he was in a “holding cell where you wear a smock and stuff.

“[In] my teenage days, I attempted to kill myself a couple of times”


Just sad.