Cassidy Blasts Tory Lanez in Scathing Diss Song “Perjury”

Cassidy Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez does not seem to be the type to get into a battle, but he may not have a choice with Cassidy.

Cassidy is picking a fight!

It has been verified and ratify the Tory Lanez stole some lyrics from Philly rap phenomenon Cassidy. First things first, from a musical perspective I have nothing against Tory Lanez. I don’t particularly like the guy when he singing, but when he is rapping we are all good. However, there are some universal rules and Hip-Hop they should not be broken most of the time at any time. Certainly, inspiration is fully acceptable, it’s even a high form of flattery. However biting, or the act of stealing lyrics is something that is strictly forbidden. This is an old school way of thinking, but some of us still live by it. Cassidy is a veteran now he is not the young boy the Swizz discovered years ago. He lives by those rules.

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So back a few years or months ago, he highlighted that Tory Lanez stole some of his lyrics. It was duly noted by the culture and we moved on. However in a recent Funkmaster flex freestyle, Tory Lanez did it again! By all accounts it appears that he purposely stole some lyrics from Cassidy! This could be some weird tactic on his behalf, because I am certain that he knows that people see and hear these things. There’s no way in the world that he thinks he can steal lyrics from Cassidy and get away with it! I guess, Cassidy has had enough!

He has released a new song called “Perjury,” where he goes at the Canadian rapper. He talks about everything from his hairline to stealing bars to shooting feet. I am not sure what the play is here for Cassidy, but it has gotten tens of thousands of views already and people seem interested in the song. Do I think this will somehow elicit a response from Tory Lanez? No. These guys live in very different world at this point, but if Cassidy is lucky, he can get into a feud with the dude charged with shooting Megan Thee Stallion. By the way, that gets mentioned in perjury as well. Without further ado, check out the song and let me know what you think!