Celebrity Big Brother UK Allegedly Paid Ray J LOTS To Talk About Kim K & Whitney Houston!



(AllHipHop Rumors) At this point nothing Ray J says or does surprises any of us. So check this out!

Word on the street is that Ray J

was paid close to 1 million or somewhere between $600-900K to appear on Celebrity Big Brother UK if he agreed to speak about Whitney Houston and Kim Kardashian.

Apparently the UK pays American celebrities 10x more than US reality shows such as The Real Housewives and Love & Hip Hop series. Plus, overseas people are obsessed with American pop c

ulture, so it seems totally believable.

Big Brother even stooped as low as to add Stacey Francis to the cast just so she could speak about what happened between her, Ray J, and Whitney Houston, the night before Whitney’s death.

Ray J was said to be allegedly running the late, great Whitney two types of “D” if you know what I mean. It’s also clear to everyone that Ray J is still not only obsessed with Kim K, but he’s also obsessed with his belief that he made her since her claim to fame is really their sex tape going global. LOL.

I mean it seems like Ray J is selling his soul to cash in on some bucks. It’s one thing if Ray is just speaking positively and briefly on both women, but knowing him, we aren’t so sure that it will go this way. Perhaps they will just be paying him to repeat stuff that he’s said in past interviews.

Remember this is the same network that wanted to pay Kim K’s friend Jonathan Cheban 100,000 a day to come on the show and dispute Ray-J’s claims about Kim Kardashian. I guess. Carry on.