Champion Boxer Adrien Broner Says "F**k Jay Z"

Jay Z may have a new beef in boxing!

Jay Z has entered boxing, but not without his detractors.

Adrien Broner is one of them.

Apparently, the rap mogul attempted to woe the boxer from his boxing home with Al Hamon. The attempt was futile.

According to Broner, Jay wanted to earn him $40 million over 5 years. Sounds GREAT to me, but to a champ like Broner, chump change. Broner decided to stick with his tried and true, Al Haymon.

But to say “F**k Jay” and that Rihanna is only good for her ”P***y” is crazy? I mean I would like to prove that to be true or false, but I believe RiRi is worth so much more.

Broner could be creating some sort of boxing beef that will play out in the square with Roc Nation.