Chance The Rapper Fans Think His Divorce Doubles As Comeback Based On New Snippet

Chance The Rapper Kirsten Corley Bennett

Somebody need to leak Chance’s vault right about now!

Chance The Rapper’s fans are convinced he has turned life’s lemons into lemonade amid the news of his divorce after the emergence of unreleased snippets.

It appears Chance The Rapper is readying a project possible titled Star Line Gallery and has been sharing work-in-progress demos of emotionally charged records that may live on the work. In the latest unleashed draft, Chance is seemingly addressing his split from Kirsten Corley-Bennett. As raps as if his life depended on it, Joey Bada$$ makes a supporting cameo and acts as a silent hypeman in the accompanying video clip.

The lines that caught the ear of fans illustrate a tumultuous home life environment, as Chance raps, “Some days I hold a grudge, some days I holy ghost her/Some days I just ghost her, Some days I’m just supposed to.”

As he continues, Chance shares his belief that things can still be patched up while delivering a bar loosely based on the viral video of his racy dancing at Carnival last year, which appeared to derail his relationship.

“The crib feel like a gunfight but them strollers that’s the holster/We could make amends over old memes and mimosas/My mom know I ain’t make my bed, but I’ma lay in it/Whether it’s sandpaper, sued, linen/Whether I’m alone or creole-lady marmalading it.”

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The comment section erupted with support from both fans and Chance The Rapper’s industry peers, who are chomping at the bit for the full-length releases to drop.

“This fye,” former Post Malone producer FKi 1st commented while comedian D.C. Fly Young backed him up by adding several fire emojis.

Another user commented “Single father Chance,” stamped with even more fire emojis while another user added, “Whoever said the divorce was gonna bring the old Chance back…”

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