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Michael Jackson

A new Michael Jackson biopic is on the way, but who is playing the late King of Pop is a shocker!

It looks like a new Michael Jackson movie on the way. Recently we have seen an influx of biotic movies with the likes of Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, N.W.A., and others get their own movie. We’ve seen so much in real life about Michael Jackson that I wasn’t sure we would ever get a movie. Remember, we got the Prince story way back in the day. “Purple Rain!”

Anyway, there appears to be a brand new Michael Jackson biopic in the works. Antoine Fuqua is on the case, and a recent Instagram post revealed that JaaFar, who happens to be MJ‘s nephew, will play the late King of Pop.

He looks like his uncle and he even performs and sings. This is destined to be controversial, because Michael Jackson live such a controversial life. I am interested in seeing what form they will assume to adopt his story. This is not the first time Michael Jackson’s life, or portions of it, have been brought to the silver screen however, I do feel like this will be the first definitive version of his life. As you may know, MJ was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was a part of the Jackson 5, a musical group of prodigies that won numerous accolades in music. Michael Jackson, as a solo artist, rose even higher, and saw him a part of the megastar phenomenon that crescendoed in the 1980s and 90s.

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Flex Alexander did the most as MJ!

Here’s a clip.

Right now, there is a title for the movie and it’s simply called “Michael.” According to reports, this “Michael” movie will address everything in his life, including the child, sexual abuse allegations. There’s no exact date, but shying away from that would have done a disservice to the critical public. At the same time, Elvis did not address linking with his future wife when she was a mere 14. So, let’s talk about it.

There’s no release date yet but production is expected to start sometime this year.

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