Chrisean Rock Said She’s Aborted Three Blueface Babies?

Blueface and Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock has had at least three abortions and they may have been Blueface’s according to her latest interview.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have done a great job of dominating headlines over the past year. Unfortunately, they have dominated for all the wrong reasons. It has been a level of toxicity we have NEVER seen first hand. We knew some stuff about Bobby and Whitney, Chris and Rihanna, Ike and Tina, but, at no point, did we see the ins and outs the way social media has provided.

In a turn of events that truly represents “TMI,” Chrisean Rock has proclaimed that she has aborted three fetuses that were Blueface’s. I do not know what to feel about this right now, but I certainly do not want to politicize this. I will say that it does sadden me a bit. At the same time, do they need to bring a baby in to the world?

That’s said, she maintains she is now ready to have that baby we all want to see touted all over social media. (That was sarcasm.) That is just what she is saying! Soooooooo….here it is.

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For the record, some folks have said that some of these kids are with her exes and not just Blueface. I am not sure if a single couple can survive three abortions. That’s really tough and rough on the woman and relationships.

What do you think?