City Girls Down: Camila Cabello Tracklist Has Fans Grappling With Duo’s Demise

JT Yung Miami City Girls

JT and Yung Miami are billed as solo acts instead of the City Girls for their guest appearance on Camila Cabello’s album.

Camila Cabello unveiled the tracklist for her forthcoming album, C,XOXO, listing City Girls members JT and Yung Miami as separate artists despite the two appearing on the same song. The distinction forced fans to cope with the City Girls officially parting ways and billing themselves as solo acts.

JT and Yung Miami began focusing on their solo careers following the release of their 2023 album, RAW. The LP’s underwhelming performance helped convince the City Girls rappers to split.

“I think when the City Girls album just dropped and it didn’t do too well, and we was just trying to do our press run,” Yung Miami said. “The whole rollout of the album was just so bad because we was just in two different spaces. We older now, and she was doing her own thing.

“She on the West Coast, I’m in Miami. I’m doing my own thing. And I felt like naturally, when she doing her own thing, it just worked for her. And when I’m doing my own thing, it worked for me. But when we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting. It just wasn’t working no more. So I think we both was at a point where we were just like, ‘We probably should just do our own s###.’”

Cabello’s album will give fans at least one more opportunity to hear JT and Yung Miami together. The project also features Drake, who contributed to two tracks. One of the songs is a solo cut.

“Why does he have his own song? Because selfishly, I just want to hear Drake on my own album,” Cabello explained in May. “I love that for me — it’s like that rebellious mood. Who says I can’t do that? It’s Drake talking his s###.”

C,XOXO is scheduled to drop on June 28.