Country Music Fans Are Upset That Beyonce Is Performing At The CMAs


Uh oh! Country music fans aren’t too happy about Queen Beyonce performing tonight on the Country Music Awards, as some feel her music isn’t authentically country.

For Beyonce fans, it’s a given why the Beyhive’s leader is performing at the CMAs: for one thing her star power, next her song “Daddy Lessons” is certainly country or has strong elements of country music in it. So…. there you have it, one of the greatest living entertainers has a song that’s country music, so she gets to take her star power over there as well.

Hell they ought to be thankful; we are sure it will help their ratings.

Well, country music royalty and fans better get ready for our Queen, as she will certainly be taking the stage on country music’s biggest night. Will you be watching?