Wu-Tang And Crocs Ain’t Nothing To F Wit!

Wu-Tang Clan and Crocs have gotten together to get you right for the summer. These Wu-Crocs…slide them on, B!

Wu-Tang Clan! Ain’t nothing to Croc wit!

The Wu-Tang Clan is one of the hardest, most resilient and definitive crews ever in Hip-Hop. They are the biggest brand in all of Hip-Hop. They definitely have the number one logo of all time. And their brand has been placed on a number of things.

However, I think this one takes the cake! You can now get Wu-Tang Clan Crocs! That’s right Crocs! Those slide-on slipper type of shoes that all the young people love.

Personally, I would’ve expected a partnership with Timberland boots or even Lugz! Ha ha ha ha!

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However, they are going after the millennials and the even younger era, not us older gods and goddesses. Maybe the Earths will rock it. This partnership is brand-new and I am not even against it! Why? This is for the children! And we all know that Wu Tang is for the kids.

They have a little hook for you to get these bad boys. You have to download the Crocs app in order to get it. So you can’t just buy these online. I see the play!

Here you go! Go off!

Download the Crocs App | Crocs

Nevertheless, this comes on the heels of a Nas & Wu-Tang Clan concert series and tour throughout the summer. So look for the tickets and look for them to be in a town near you.

Now, check out these Wu-Crocs!