CyHi Says Somebody Tried To Murder Him, Causing Horrific Accident

Thanks, Lord! CyHi is still with us after an attempt on his life!

I didn’t think that CyHi The Prynce had so much drama around his life but it seems that he does. The rapper, who was one time signed to Kanye West, found himself in our near death situation in his native Atlanta.

In a very lengthy post on Instagram, the rapper let everyone in his orbit know that there was an attempt made on his life. This proclamation brought a lot of attention to his Instagram, and a lot of concern for his well-being. I am glad to see CyHi was not killed. I am not fully aware of the extent of his injuries, if there were any. But I am glad to know that he is still around.

As you will see below, somebody shot up his vehicle and then forced him off the road causing a terrible car crash. It does not appear that any other car was involved in the crash. CyHi does not implicate anyone in the murder attempt, but only states that Atlanta is not the city of love, or Wakanda, as others have put it. I am not sure why I am thinking this, But maybe it was a case of mistaken identity. I know that CyHi has deep roots in the street as well as the music industry but I can’t imagine him having this much bad will in the world.

He’s one hell of a lyricist and I believe to be a good person. Still, haters will hate. Will give you more of this as it develops but this is the low down right now, as of Valentine’s Day.

Today is a day about love, but in my city (the city of Atlanta) there’s no love here anymore. a couple nights ago there was an attempt on my life… somebody tried to gun me down on the highway. I tried everything I could do to lose them, but they were adament about taking me off this earth.
They where shooting at me while I was driving and even after my car flipped, hit a pole and crashed into a tree, they came back and shot the car up some more. At this point I don’t know if it was a mistaken identity, a robbery, or associated with something that I did when I was younger but I haven’t been in the streets in over a decade. I just want to know why and if there is anything I can do to fix the issue. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and I have tremendous love for my city … but it’s chaotic out here. I’m trying my best to keep a level head, but when you dont know who is after you its hard to wrap your mind around it and not be paranoid. By the grace of god and my lord and savior jesus christ I am still here. I just want to let the people know who were trying to kill me that i am not a bad person. I don’t want revenge, I just want understanding and closure. So everyone  that’s in Atlanta right now, please protect yourself, stay out the way and be careful, because it could all be over in a split second. I understand there’s a lot of beef going on in my city between different crews, that is fueled by the music…but it is time that we all have a sit down and have a peace meeting.
There are to many lives being lost over music. I know I’m not the king of my city or nothing, but the real leaders (i won’t say no names, but you guys know who you are) you all are extremely blessed to have the the careers that you have and be able to feed your family and loved ones. It’s time to stop the violence in Atlanta. I don’t have all the answers and I definitely don’t have the power to make it stop, but i do feel like somebody gotta step up and say something. So much love to every artist, label, hustler, and crew in my city pleaseee lets resolve our problems man. We don’t have to kill each other man. SMH thanks again, Atlanta. I wrote this letter to y’all with tears in my eyes.

I hope Wack 100 does not say anything.

By the way, if you didn’t see…this happened before V-Day.–dpVJC/