Da Brat Wants All The Smoke With Bow Wow For Dissing JD

Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri

Bow Wow vs JD, Da Brat vs Bow Wow! All this beef over what?

DaBrat – I think people forget who tf she is. She was that rugged and raw rapper from the 90s that spit venom! She has BARS! She is originally from Chicago and went Atlanta, linked up with Jermaine Dupri and the rest is history. She’s basically be there from day 1. She even has a song with Kriss Kross. Anyway, Bow Wow has recently had some words for his mentor and father figure JD that seems pretty weird. Here is what was said:

On The GAUDS Show, JD said he created the popular BET show “106 & Park” because there wasn’t a Black TRL. So he did that.

106 & Park was created by me. I created the show for Bow Wow. I was watching MTV and they had TRL. They catered to NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys and anything White that was coming out that was pop. They was allowing these kids to scream and holler at them. I called Stephen Hill…and I said we need to make a show just like TRL [with Bow Wow]…because he was a rapper…he was a Black little young boy rapping. Nobody on TV was 12 years old anywhere creating this type of fandomonium.”

Then Bow Wow came through and claimed that was a lie.

“JD aint create 106&Park stop the cap. Stephen hill Rick Ghrimes & all the great people in the BET OFFICE & staff created that show. All i did was capitalize off of what they created and made it mine. I would know…. I am mr 106! I would never take away from someones creativity.”

Here’s what he deleted:

“I just wish he just do his own thang w out having to bring me up. I wish dude the best of luck in his career and in life. We did some amazing things but that chapter is closed.”


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“You really on some B####### RIGHT NOW. Now u KNOW I got ALL da receipts and know the WHOLE stories to ALOT ALOT! Don’t do this. Respect a legend. Respect a cultural icon. Respect the person who made your career what it is. I’m asking you now to please stop. I’m sorry @jermainedupri I cannot be silent about this s### any longer,” she said on her social.