DaBaby Explains Why He Is NOW A Trump Supporter


DaBaby has become a Trump supporter after denouncing the former president. Check out what made him do a 180-degree turn on his position.


DaBaby has offered an opinion nobody asked for. He recently gave a ringing endorsement to former US president Donald Trump. He did an interview with a podcast and he was asked about The Donald.

I guess this has been on his mind because he gave a coherent response. So, when Donald Trump runs again in 2024, he has a strong supporter in this rapper. I am not clear on why rappers feel the need to present their political views, especially when they are backed by nothing substantial. Being “Gangsta” is not something that makes you eligible or qualified to run for office. Or run a country.

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And yet, here we are.

DaBaby cited Trump’s last-minute pardoning of Kodak Black back in 2020 and helping Lil Wayne as an examples for getting his support. Perhaps he sees trouble down the line for himself? “Do I f**k with Donald Trump? Now, hell yeah!” he said. In the past, it has been the complete opposite. DaBaby explained, “Trump is a gangsta.” He also revealed that he would love to be a “campaign partner” for the president fully submerged in a scandal that is 1,000 times worse than Watergate. Read a book!

Also, getting other notable rappers out of jail does not enhance your status in the Black community to me. I actually believe that he would need to free Mumia Abu Jamal, Grandmaster Jay or H. Rap Brown or some folks like that to get favor from the people.

Otherwise, DaBaby is just Trump’s latest “African-American.”