Dame Dash Creating A Football League That Rivals The NFL?

Dame Dash

If you can’t join them — beat them.

Often, audacity accompanies greatness. Dame Dash exudes boldness. It is no wonder that he plans to create a football league that rivals the NFL.

Yes, relationships change and life continues to happen. However, nothing appears capable of distracting Mr. Dash from fulfilling his purpose. Needless to say, he seems determined to bring his latest concept to fruition.

Recently, the mogul visits Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Club Shay Shay. There, the entrepreneur unveils his unyielding motivation to buy an NFL franchise. “They don’t look like us.” insists Dame. Additionally, he matter-of-factly states, “They’re paying us. They’re laughing at us. That’s the way I see it. ”

Soon, it is Dame Dash who begs the question, “How many black men have tried to buy football teams and a white boy said, ‘No?,’ I know Ray Lewis tried.” Of course, the Hall of Famer then inquires about the required capital.

Following Sharpe’s funding questions Mr. Ambitious sounds off. Quickly he quips, “how many people, in general, put up their own money in the first place?” Next, he suggests, “We all have to come together — put our money together — make a fund and go make it. “

Nevertheless, the legendary record executive simply states, “That’s the difference between us and them. They know how to leverage.” Although this may be true, he unsuccessfully tried to purchase the Raiders. However, that situation is arousing even more opportunity.

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Be that as it may, Dame’s voracious drive is apparent. So, it is only natural that he pivots and chooses to create his own football league. The Big Dreamer details, “We look forward to making sure that every single game feels like a Super Bowl.” On the positive side, he boasts that “combining” cultural elements will elevate the experience.

Above all, Damon Dash believes in his abilities. The accompanying IG caption reads, “We’re gonna show the world what it’s like when we own the land. Stay tuned.”

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