Damn, Bruh! DJ Khaled Puts Ace Hood On The Auction Block!


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Nobody wants to believe it, but Ace Hood and Khaled did some really good work when they were working together. They had a good run, but now they are at odds like a MF! It seems as though, the beef has gone completely negative. Negative = DJ Khaled has Ace under lock and key contractually.

And, now Ace Hood wants out.

Oh this is a classic saga that we have seen play out over time and time again with many urban griots. Now, dude this stings. Ace is dope, but guess what DJ Khaled wants for his former fam’s contract? A cool MILLION. That’s right people – a ONE followed by SIX zeros.
I know Ace Hood is dope, but nobody is going to pay that.

The question I have is: why didn’t Ace Hood pop? I don’t know honestly.

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