Did Beyoncé Allow Kendrick Lamar To Diss Drake On 2023’s “America Has A Problem?”


How far back do these back-and-forth shots go?

Kendrick Lamar fans continue to decode his previous releases in search of Drake disses and, as a result, Beyoncé has been dragged into the saga.

Even though Beyoncé released RENAISSANCE in July 2022, the album cut “America Has A Problem” is gaining a renewed sense of popularity after listeners appear to have discovered yet another tongue-lashing Kendrick Lamar unleashed on Drake.

To be clear, it’s not the original version of the song that was released with the album, but the remix that was released as a single in May 2023 featuring Kendrick’s verse. There’s been a wide consensus that Metro Boomin and Future’s “Like That” was the stone that shattered the glass barrier behind which Drake and Kendrick’s rap beef laid dormant for years. Fans now think the tone of the West Coast MC’s verse on “America Has A Problem” offers a challenging counter angle on the perspective of how deep this feud actually runs.

The perceived diss itself even has multiple layers to it, as Kendrick starts off by seemingly warning both Drake and the music industry that he’s ready and willing to go on a lyrical and figurative kill streak if provoked.

“Geeked up, choosy love,” he raps. “Well, they chose violence/Universal, please don’t play possum I’m a businеss man doin’ as follows.”

The subliminal jabs appear to get more direct and blatant in their use to illustrate how easily Kendrick could deal a knockout blow —such as “Not Like Us”—in a real rap beef against Drake.

“Truthfully, I be lyin’ in my rap song,” he continues. “‘Cause I always fail to mention I’d slap homiе/His career didn’t come with no life insurance/Hope his day one fans got some facts on him.”

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As the record strarted trending on social media once again, users almost immediately began speculating, whether Beyoncé was aware Kendrick dissed Drake in the song.

”Beyoncé let Kendrick Lamar cuss Drake TF out on America has a problem remix,” one user on Twitter (X) wrote, while another said, “All of this beef is because Beyoncé hates Drake. She sent Kendrick a hit.”

Of course, this isn’t the only instance of fans going back and reclassifying songs from Kendrick’s previous releases as being possible Drake diss records and or subliminal messages.

In fact, many users have deduced that the front half of Kendrick‘s set from his Juneteenth concert was purely intended to solely diss Drake . From opening his performance with “euphoria” to following up with “DNA” and “Element” suggested at least some—if not all—of the pair of aforementioned records were dedicated to showcasing Kendrick’s hatred for Drake.