Did Bobby Shmurda Issue Deadly Threat While Engaged In London Quarrel?

Bobby Shmurda And The Sunset

Bobby Shmurda really said “Test my gangsta.” Well, not really, but basically!

Bobby Shmurda may have momentarily reverted to an old form of himself based on footage of his recent altercation in a nightclub overseas.

According to multiple reports and viral video clips trending on social media, Shmurda and his entourage were involved in a brawl in a London club where the “Hot N###a” lyricist was performing in the early morning hours. Apparently, things were going smoothly at the Proud Cabaret nightclub until around four in the morning.

Immediately after Shmurda finished performing a pair of songs, he got into a verbal disagreement with the club promoter. The argument quickly turned into a squirmish and Shmurda can be seen among the individuals onstage pushing and shoving in the clips circulating.

But that’s not all, because Shmurda allegedly spit at someone in the crowd—and he can even be seen lunging onto the dancefloor to go after a man rumored to be the promoter. It also sounds like Shmurda told the individual “I will kill you” during the chaos.

Long story short, no cops were called and Bobby Shmurda and the guys walked away from the situation quietly without incident. And per Shmurda’s Instagram story most of the night was pretty litty and he appeared to be content as surrounded by women and bottles.

Check out the highlight reel post Shmurda posted below.

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