Did Burna Boy Really Turn Down $5 Million Over Some Weed?

Burna Boy

It’s still lit—just not for Burns Boy fans in Dubai.

Even though the saying “scared money don’t make no money” rings true, Burna Boy isn’t taking any risks to make a bag.

Well, at least his latest freestyle video would suggest so. As the international Afrobeat innovator continues to gear up for his upcoming I Told Them Tour, which kicks off in Los Angeles on November 3, he’s been sharing a glimpse of his preparation and rehearsal process with his fans. In what appears to be a recent freestyle video, Burna Boy seemingly dropped some multi-million dollar bombshell bars that provide a shocking glimpse of what his bookings are looking like.

Now I am not even going to play myself and act like I could decipher and transcribe the lyrics due to Burna Boy’s heavy vernacular. But what I will say I caught from the video is that he alleges he turned down a $5 million play in Dubai simply because he can’t smoke weed there. That might sound like bro is majorly cappin’, but I don’t think that’s the case.

For starters, we are talking about the same guy who sold out stadium last year. Not to mention UK rap star Fredo was purportedly detained in Dubai after allegedly being caught with cannabis while on vacation. Talk about getting your high blown in a major way!

Check out the full freestyle video below.