Did Cops Rob Afroman?


Just because Afroman smokes weed and anjoys a Colt 45 doesn’t mean he can’t count money. $400 is missing. Did cops rob him?

At any given moment Afroman might be too high to complete daily tasks. But the rapper wants the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to know he can still count money.

Back in August, they showed up unannounced to conduct a drug raid. They blew doors off the hinges looking for weapons of mass destruction and 100,000 pounds of chronic as he described the incident on Instagram. Yet they found no guns and no weed. Eventually all charges were dropped.

On Wednesday Afroman joined TMZ Live to announce while retrieving money seized during the raid he came up $400 short. He might have made his fortune off rapping about cheifing blunts and hitting bongs but he kept a suited approach explaining how he plans to collect the missing Benjamins.

He thinks someone swiped the bills from the evidence locker or “they might’ve took it from my house after they disconnected my cameras and tampered with evidence.” In addition, he says he was labeled a kidnapper on the search warrant

Common situations in drug raids. We’ve all seen Training Day enough to know Detective Alonzo Harris’ can become reality in any police department in America. Adding to the fact any alleged profits seized in a drug raid are rarely returned.

The sherrif’s office isn’t in a rush to offer an explanation. Instead, they are working with state investigors to find the missing $400. Did the cops rob him?