Did Fellow Memphis Rapper Big30 Just Call Out Moneybagg Yo?


Big30 has a lot to say!

Memphis rapper Big30 appears to have responded to Moneybagg Yo after an unreleased diss track began circulating on social media.

On Friday (May 17), a Facebook post purportedly authored by Big30 went viral, as fans determined Moneybagg Yo was the individual he authored the post about. In the lengthy message, Big30 initially appears to speak about signing to Moneybagg Yo’s Bread Gang label, alleging that he only signed to receive protection from an individual he was associated with.

“And who tf said they gone die bout that lame ass s###, that don’t even sound like me truth be told n#### recruited my n###a for protection, sholl hope yeen never thought my n###a had super powers he couldn’t do it by his self fool ass n###a,” Big30 wrote in the post. “You came to our hood for the muscle cause them folks starting putting pressure on his ass extortion only!! He still paying n###a to this day to stay off his ahh.”

In another portion of the post, Big30 appears to reference Nuskie, his cousin who was also signed to Moneybagg Yo’s Bread Gang label at one point. Nuskie was reportedly shot to death in their hometown of Memphis in January 2022.

“How tf you Nuskie, living Youn do s### Nuskie do…. Ain’t tried to lift a pinky …..I wore a breadgang chain cause I was sighed to you,” he wrote.

Big30 continued, alleging an incident occurred between them with Pooh Shiesty and more,

“You begged for a big blrrrd chain SHIESTY SAID HIS SELF NEGATIVE ITS ONLY 2 OF US DUDE A BOZO and ts was dead and please tell these folks when we ever talked face to face and Ian have mines on me or you know how we moving… we brought life to that s### made the city respect you my n###a died for that lame ass s### and yeen even come to the funeral you posted a car I was in one it’s a big difference between me and you…,” he wrote.

As he concluded, Big30 criticized Moneybagg Yo for the way he handled Nuskie’s death.

“Ask anybody I had 150k in a back pack ready to spend whatever to put my n###a away nice make sure he str8 you called my phone begging to lemme let you pay for the funeral knowing yeen have a 1st nor 2nd thought on coming talm bout after Shiesty got locked I layed down naaaaw I was on some mo S### at the time after my n###a died I couldn’t stay in rap mode like you you done played now I gotta really flush you [100 emoji],” he wrote.

In the unreleased track circulating social media, Moneybagg Yo appeared to fire off a rebuttal of his own to the statement Big30 made, and even went as far as alluding to the rapper being a flop on his own rather than him sabotaging his career.

Check out Big30’s full post above and listen to Moneybagg Yo’s leaked diss below.