Did Jamie Foxx Have A Stroke?

Jamie Foxx seems to be on the mend from a “medical complication.” But people still want to know what happened.

There is a lot of worry around the health of actor Jamie Foxx. Earlier in the week, his family sent out a message, saying that the beloved superstar had suffered a “medical complication.” What that was nobody knew, but the vague language scared us. It was evident that it was extremely serious from the onset. At no point did it seem like he was going to die but it was very serious.

Now our “sources” (anonymous sources) are getting closer to what may have happened. Although this is just a rumor, our sources tell us that the entertainer may have had a stroke. That’s right, Jamie Foxx looks like he may have had a stroke. I would imagine if it was a stroke, it was a minor one. Dude looks like he is the epitome of in shape, so this could be wrong. Or course, looks do not mean much when we are discussing what is going on inside of the body. Apparently, he is now joking with doctors and family members that are nearby. So he is getting better quickly.

Hopefully he gets better soon because we do not need any more deaths this year. We, in fact, don’t need any more death at all! Right now there is no word on when he will be out of hospitalization. Nor is there any indication of when he will be filming a movie called “Back In Action.”

Prayers up, Jamie! Get better!