Did Kodak Black Get Into A Fight? He Also Disses 21 Savage!

21 Savage Kodak Black

Kodak Black may be in two fights at once: one in Houston, and a war of words with 21 Savage.


Kodak Black reportedly got into a fight in Houston, Texas. Before we get into the details of the alleged altercation, let’s be clear: rappers need to be careful in Texas. Kodak Black is one of the most successful artist of our times and he’s even got clout with the ex-president. He’s had a myriad of controversy and legal problems starting in middle school. He needs to be easy! Remember, he got shot, right?

His new wave of success crescendoed in 2021 when then President Donald Trump commuted a federal prison sentence of four years. And, he’s been free ever since.

Apparently, there is a video floating around, showing Kodak and his crew in an altercation. It is apparently from Houston, Texas. I have not confirmed anything, but there is a video below. The fight reportedly happened after a party for singer, Justin Bieber, who ironically sang at rapper Takeoff’s funeral.

Nobody really knows what’s going on here, but if it deals with Kodak Black, I am sure we will find out shortly.

On top of all of this, Kodak Black, reportedly chastised his adversary, 21 Savage for saying Naws is not relevant. He let him have it! That was pretty cool, because Kodak Black hasn’t really represented a lot of positivity in a very long time if ever.

He said:
“[21 Savage] talking about, ‘Oh, Nas irrelevant.’ How the f### Nas irrelevant, hoe? How the f#ck Nas ain’t relevant, homie? N###a smoking dEck! Did a f##king [album with Drake]. We salute Drake, we love Drake, okay, whatever.

Nas that n###a, homie. I know I can (I know I can) / Be what I wanna be (Be what I wanna be) / If I work hard at it (If I work hard at it) / I’ll be where I wanna be. You crazy, boy! The f##k? Nas that boy. Homie, you tripping. Nas that n###a, boy, you tripping, boy. The f##k? A n###a fEEEed up about Nas. I love that boy, homie. I ain’t saying n###as ain’t lit or whatever and they on they real. Nas wasn’t bothering you, boy. I wasn’t bothering you, n###a.”

Anyway, the old heads are probably happy that somebody from the younger era is checking the savage one. 21 also seems to want the smoke in a Verzuz with Yak. I don’t see that happening.

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