Kodak Black Allegedly Shot For Disrespecting Nipsey Hussle!

To disrespect, some folks don’t take too kindly.

The ongoing antics of Lil Black are becoming legendary. However, sometimes his actions prove to be too polarizing. So, was Kodak Black allegedly shot for disrespecting Nipsey Hussle? Well, according to Wack 100, the music industry veteran, offers an affirmative response.

Recently (on Feb. 11), while in Los Angeles, the Super Gremlin sustains a gunshot wound to the leg. Nonetheless, Mr. Project Baby is in the midst of a speedy recovery. However, just how and why was he shot?

So, to begin with, the music manager contends Black’s injury is retribution for disrespecting Nip. In recent past, a circulating Clubhouse convo shares Wack’s candid perspective. “On some clout chasing s###,” adamantly insists Wack, “Talking about, ‘What’s that s### you said about Lauren London? Get the f### out of here!’ But Kodak got off!”

The Infamous IG Post

For example, to Hip-Hop and to his family, the murder of Nipsey Hussle is still a perplexing and a deafening blow. By the same token, some flippant comments from the “Tunnel Vision” lyricist, still has some purportedly contemplating a reprisal. In fact, the now infamous Instagram post comes with resounding ramifications.

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Above all, during an Instagram live broadcast, the “No Flockin'” rapper makes these rude comments. While referencing, Lauren London, he asserts, “She finna be out here single!” Moreover, he mentions, “She finna be a whole widow out here. I’ll be the best man I could be for her. I’ll give her a whole year, she might need a whole year to be crying and s### for dude.”

As a matter of fact, over an entire year passes by before the Rap star offers an apology. Most notably, an array of individuals readily address the contemptuous commentary. With this in mind, does Los Angeles wake up and choose violence?

On the whole, as a man and as a musician, Kodak Black continues to evolve. Hopefully, as time progresses he will grow into a better version of himself.