Did Lil TJay’s Shooters Shoot Each Other?

Lil Tjay is improving according to recent reports. However, the rumors are not subsiding. The most recent seems to debunk why the rapper’s friends were arrested.

Oh noooooooooooooooooooo!

This sucks already.

Not only was Lil Tjay reportedly lined up, but new information reveals, his mans and them probably didn’t bust back.

So, undoubtably the plot is thickening with Lil Tjay. The Bronx rapper was shot seven times and the man arrested is probably the perpetrator of the crime. Right now, nobody is guilty legally, but there’re a lot of smoking guns around. Edgewater, New Jersey is a pretty quiet and the food place, certainly not known for crime. A lot of the locals were shaken up after this recent shooting.

Hassan Campbell is all over this situation, and seems to have ties to the family. He has disclosed a number of things that I personally did not know.

First of all, he informed me in a lot of people that little TJ‘s homeboys did not shoot back. He alleges that it was actually the shooters trying to kill Lil Tjay that shot each other. So there was no shoot out as initially reported. At least that’s what he says. So those guys shot each other and then were caught, rather unceremoniously. What he says is that they were caught with guns in various places, but none of them had discharged. So this is still in fraction jail worthy at the moment.

The second thing is that A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Lil Tjay apparently have beef between them. This is also something I did not know. He does not incriminate A Boogie or anything of that nature, but mentioning it does raise a couple of eyebrows. Also Fivio Foreign‘s name comes up, but he seems to absolve him of all “guilt” because he did in fact go visit Lil Tjay almost immediately.

There has also been a very powerful rumor that suggests that Lil Tjay might be paralyzed, but the latest is that that is untrue and that he is improving. That is an amazing slice of good news on a rainy day.

All of this is to say “stay out of trouble kids! “The stuff just isn’t worth it. In fact, I am hopeful and hoping that the entire culture of Hip-Hop decides to straighten up and tighten up and understand that the forces of evil are actually against us. But we’re too busy fighting each other to even fight back at the real enemies.

Take it away!