Did Nas & Jay-Z Record A Secret Album?

Jay-Z Nas

Jay-Z and Nas are heavy in the rumors and might be working on music together…per the streets!!

A tipster hit me with the craziest rumor ever. He told me that Nas and Jay-Z recorded an unreleased album. WHAT? How did that happen and nobody know? Well, I was told it went down during the pandemic.

I did not get any additional details under the circumstances of said rumored album. But, the person said that they both were in Los Angeles at that time and suggested strongly that they could have both been in the studio. There is an additional detail that I will not include, but it strongly suggests that Nas and Jay-Z were working together on music. This part of the rumor includes audio that has been analyzed by the tipster. ANYWHOO.

Nas, as you know, has been working at a feverish rate musically and Jay has been working at a feverish rate on those billions. It’s almost like they are reversed. Nas is working on his business too and Jay has some bars here and there. So, we do not know if this is facts, but I would love to hear more from the two goats.

Remember this?

The nerve of Nas to proclaim Hip-Hop is dead at that time. These guys are proof that the culture is not dead.

And then this from 2022.